Economic Effects of COVID-19 in Canada: June 2020 Update

By Kaija Kaarid

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Canadian economy significantly. As discussed in the June 15th article, entitled “The Disproportionate Economic Effects of COVID-19 in Canada”, there have been gender disparities in job losses, shift cuts and rates of re-employment among Canadians. Upon viewing the Statistics Canada monthly “Labour Force Survey” reports, it is apparent that Canadian men and women have been differentially impacted. To summarize:

  • March saw the greatest job losses in female-dominated, service-based industries – representing nearly 62% of all job losses that month [1]. As a result, women aged 25-54 suffered twice the amount of job losses compared to men in the same age group [1]. Further, 885 000 women, as compared to 637 000 men, lost most or all of their working hours in March [1].
  • April had a higher proportion of job losses in the male-dominated, goods-producing sector [2]. This narrowed the gender gap in cumulative job losses.
  • However, as the economy began to re-open in May, total employment increased twice as fast among men as compared to women [3]. Overall, 14.0% of the jobs lost by men in March/April were recovered in May, compared to only 5.4% job recovery among women [3].

June 2020

In June, the labour market continued to re-open, with fewer public health restrictions in much of the country. This brought some welcome news; employment rates increased in all provinces and overall employment increased by 5.8% [4].

When examining for gender disparities, however, women remained at a disadvantage. In all age groups, employment rates among men were closer to pre-COVID levels than those among women. Cumulatively, men had regained 92.3% of February employment levels, whereas women had regained 89.2% [4].

Although growth in employment was slightly higher among women (+6.1%) versus men (+5.5%), a greater proportion of women remained unemployed [4]. With this in mind, it is hoped that July will see more increases in rates of employment amongst women in Canada.


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