COVID-19 Womens Initiative

Stopping the spread of gender-based inequity.

As the pandemic is evolving, so is gender inequity. The COVID-19 
Women's Initiative focuses on education, advocacy, partnerships 
and improving access to resources for those facing gender inequity.


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Supporting vulnerable women during the pandemic – an interview with Akilah Downey of The Redwood Shelter

The Redwood Shelter provides safe emergency lodging for women and their children who are fleeing abuse, and necessities like nutritious meals, toiletries, and diapers for babies. In addition to this, they offer onsite counselling for residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and crisis phone, chat, and text options that are also 24/7. ...

COVID-19: A Dangerous Time for Eating Disorders

By Katie Wilkins The societal landscape created by COVID-19 is one primed for fostering mental illness; chronically high levels of stress, fear, and social isolation set the foundation for disorders such as depression, anxiety, and many others. It is predicted that the mental health consequences of the pandemic will persist long after the virus ...

Women without Canadian legal status are differentially impacted by COVID-19

By Sarah Wong

Canada’s economic response plan to COVID-19 has helped many individuals stay financially afloat these past few months. Despite this, Lisa Rupert, Director of Housing Services and Violence Prevention for YWCA, states that the pandemic has differentially impacted women without Canadian legal status. ...

The Disproportionate Impact of COVID-19 on Black Women

By Leah Nairn

In Chicago, Black people make up 30% of the total population, but account for 70% of those killed by COVID-19 (1). These statistics are echoed in cities across the United States of America. In Canada, we only recently began collecting race-related data on COVID-19, but can assume that the statistics would lean in a similar direction (2). ...

Gender Differences in COVID-19 Cases and Deaths: The Impact on Women in Canada

By Grace Martin

As of May 22nd 2020, women make up 55% of COVID-19 cases in Canada . A different trend is seen in COVID-19-related hospitalizations and ICU admissions, where the majority of patients are male (54% and 64%, respectively). ...

Transitioning into the role of support worker during a pandemic

By Sophie McGregor

When a job posting for a support worker at the only women’s centre in Haida Gwaii came up, Kelsey Chamberlin knew the position was a fit for her. Equipped with ...

COVID-19 and Mental Health: How COVID-19 is Impacting Female Healthcare Workers

By Giselle Hunt

“They’re scared. They are frightened in anticipation of what’s to come They are scared for their patients, they are scared for themselves and their own health. They are afraid about their families, their loved ones.” ...

Obstetrics During the Pandemic – Interview with Dr. Shore

Dr. Eliane Shore is an obstetrician-gynecologist at St. Michael’s Hospital. She is on the founding team for the Pandemic Pregnancy Guide, which offers current and reliable information about pregnancy during COVID-19. ...

Gaps in telehealth: Ensuring victims of domestic violence are not left behind in the COVID-19 pandemic

By Renée Reimer

The immediate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt worldwide. From travel bans to social distancing mandates to business and school closures ...

Sexual Reproductive Health Services (SRHS) Map

This effort is a joint collaboration between CWI volunteers and Obstetrics and Gynecology residents in Toronto to help women locate sexual and reproductive health services that are operating through the pandemic within the Greater Toronto Area.

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